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What label paper does LUFIER printer support?

  2021/3/3 11:31:22

LUFIER printer is a direct thermal printer. In theory, it is suitable for all direct thermal printing paper. It does not need ink, carbon tape, or a cartridge. Supports label width sizes between 48mm (1.89″) – 108mm (4.25″), and label height more than 20mm(0.79"). The thickness of the label is between 0.08-0.2 mm.

Some common printing applications for LUFIER are:

4" x 6" shipping labels
Barcode labels
Warehouse inventory labels
Food nutrition labels
Amazon FBA shipping labels
Amazon FBA Product ASIN labels
ID Badges
Round labels
2" x 1" UPC labels

The direct thermal printer doesn't support thermal transfer labels.

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