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P1688B Windows & MAC Driver:

1. Before downloading the driver, please make sure you have watched the "IMPORTANT TIPS" video below.
Print Small? Print Blank? Feed button red light? Keeps printing blank pages? Print single black line?
Mostly because the label gap is not calculated.
When setting the printer for the first time, or every time you using a new label, it is necessary to calculate the length and gap of the label.
2. Click or Copy the Link https://www.lufier.com/uploads/LUFIER_P1688B_Drivers.zip to Download Driver Files.
If there is a problem with the first link, please click Google Drive to download.
3. After downloading the driver, you can follow the video tutorial to install it step by step.
4. If you encounter problems with installation and settings, please contact services@lufier.com directly.
5. Write a review and get 350 labels (4x6) for free. email:services@lufier.com.

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